Amal Components


Kuwait City – Kuwait

Client: National Bank of Kuwait
Program: Masterplanning, Mixed Use
Gross Area: 160 ha
Year: 2013


As part of the AMAL MASTERPLAN PHASE3 developed a series of components which collaboratively form this new neighbourhood in the south of Kuwait City. In addition to housing, we envision an ideal residential area, which includes retail outlets, health centres, civic centres, educational centres and landscaped public promenades. A special concern and basis for the planning strategy lay in the incorporation of existing infrastructure and public life, like the six mosques, already populating the site.

Downtown Amal, in the north-western corner of the site, is set closest to Kuwait city centre. It will profit from the proximity to the already existing adjacent developments and symbiotically give back value to the city. A dense cultural district will emerge here. Three new mosques are mixed with theatres and museums to create a cultural hub for the neighbourhood. Retail units, offices and government services are woven into this dense fabric to create a new city centre.

Throughout the city grid, new Community Nodes root every-day facilities into the heart of the neighbourhood. Sited closely around the existing mosques residents can find supermarkets, kindergartens, and healthcare facilities, all within close proximity to their homes, thereby supporting a communal awareness. The masterplan is anticipating a high-density office and residential mix along the downtown cultural district. Approximately 2700 spacious new duplex units will rise here to satisfy the desperate need for new qualitative living space. Following the demand for popular low-rise housing developments, the larger part of the developed area will consist of approx. 1500 four-storey villas. A variety of different appearances and the wide range of different layouts will be forming a dense carpet of self-contained green neighbourhoods.

Finally, the green spaces are playing an important role in fostering and bringing the whole neighbourhood together as one cohesive unit. Vegetated promenades are cutting diagonally through the development and create green connections between the different community nodes. By providing the necessary shading, they help regulate the micro climate in the neighbourhood and bring green space close to the residents.





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