Broadway Plaza


Broadway Plaza
London – UK

Client: Private
Program: Retail – Office
Design Competition
Year: January 2014


Broadway Plaza was designed as a multi-use building where people can gather to work, relax, and live. Well-connected and located in the heart of Merton cultural quarters, Broadway Plaza would be a living dynamic building for today’s Wimbledon.

Stepping back and letting the old Theatre shine on the western corner of the block, Broadway Plaza steps up on the opposite edge creating a public corner and a complementary landmark. A generous opening is an inviting gesture to visitors as well as passers-by. The central atrium is the common space in the heart of the building where Leisure and work connect the community.

The ground floor is composed of a mixed use program, incorporating open spaces, a community centre, access to offices above, and courtyards, as well as a cafe and gymnasium welcoming the local population to take part in the daily life of this development. The Broadway Plaza offers modern office space on the four upper floors. The flexible floor design can be fitted out to suit a variety of needs with layouts ranging from open-plan to modular and hybrid versions in-between. Upstairs the public can enjoy the Wimbledon skyline from the rooftop terraces as well as a lounge bar/restaurant.



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