Intermediate Unit 12 at the Architectural Association

Happening Architecture – Love Will Tear Us Apart

Tyen Masten and Inigo Minns

Intermediate 12 will continue to explore how specific events and their associated activities can stimulate the production of architecture and urban life. This year students will develop their own event-based design in politically and socially charged Mexico City. Turbulent and changing, the city draws people together like nowhere else on earth, bringing about innovation, destruction, conflict and harmony in equal measures. Out of this chaos, new marginal patterns of behaviour are born. We will ask how these small-scale, intimate and peripheral activities can coalesce to become larger phenomena that influence Mexico City as a whole and booming mega-cities worldwide.

Students will mine the city and country for cultural references to understand how they could provide a permanent, experience-based legacy, which transforms the urban context over time. We will carry out research and design exercises that explore communities, contexts, structures, materials and the temporality of event architecture from the spiritual to the profane, asking how micro moments expand to affect the larger scale.

Building on last year, time-based drawing techniques and architectural scores will be utilised to develop the best ways of communicating action as it unfolds. Propositions will also be tested at 1:1 during small events at the AA that celebrate mess, accident, humour and failure as rich generators of content.

Driven equally by research and design, the unit will merge architectural representations – from the traditional to the contemporary – and borrow techniques from other disciplines. The final outcome will be the production of precious 2D and 3D documents to represent a constructed event. Whether social, political or performative, we will question the role of the architectural project, transforming it into a series of designed experiences, moments, journeys and trajectories over time.


The follwoing video the presentation by Tyen Masten and Inigo Minns in front of the students at the beginning of the year:



Teaching Partner

Inigo Minns works with storytelling, performance and curation to create audience-centred designs in an architectural context. In addition to his work as a tutor at the AA, he has taught internationally and is an Associate Lecturer at Central St Martins.

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