Intermediate12 – 2015/16

Happening Architecture – I Think We’re Alone Now

Tyen Masten and Inigo Minns

Intermediate 12 will continue to explore how specific events and their associated activities can stimulate the production of architecture and urban life. This year the focus will shift to the use of series in architecture and the role of serialisation as a tool to explore the adaptability of proposals over time.

Over the course of the year students will design five related spaces that respond to the rich urban context of Johannesburg, a city on the brink of chaos with its blend of constantly mutating neighbourhoods and shifting communities. We will take this emergent mega-city’s complex mix of contradiction and promise, its corruption and endless creative innovation as a trigger for producing an architecture that both responds to this ever- changing context and suggests future occupation. Building on this we will consider the legacy of the resulting design series, asking what the future of the architecture could be and how it might adapt accordingly.

Time-based drawing techniques and architectural scores will be used to develop the best ways of communicating these spaces and actions as they unfold. Propositions will be tested at 1:1 through small events at the AA that celebrate mess, accident, humour and failure as rich generators of content and re-inform the students’ year-long projects. As part of this process students will consider the nature of their role as designers and work towards establishing their own identities and practice over the year.

The unit will be driven by both design and research, merging architectural representations from the traditional to the contemporary, borrowing techniques from other disciplines. For the final outcome students will produce a series of mixed media documents to represent a constructed event. Whether social, political or performative, we will question the role of the architectural project, transforming it into a series of designed experiences, moments, journeys and trajectories over time.

Teaching Partner

Inigo Minns works with storytelling, performance and curation to create audience-centred designs in an architectural context. In addition to his work as a tutor at the AA, he has taught internationally and is an Associate Lecturer at Central St Martins.

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