Juice Rodriguez



Barcelona – Spain

Travessera de Gràcia 36 – Barcelona
Client: Juice Rodríguez & Co
Program: Retail (Juice Bar)
Completion: May 2014
Gross internal area: 70 m²



“We wanted to break with the view of national architect studios. […] We had the aspiration of collaborating with an architect with wider experience than the ones that we knew from Barcelona and with the view of California, London, etc.  We knew that the project would to be well organized, well executed, and revolutionary.”      – Juice Rodríguez

Juice Rodriguez is a cosmopolitan new juice bar and café with a focus on healthy, fresh, and fast gourmet food. It is located in the heart of Barcelona, on the corner of Travessera de Gràcia and Carrer de Muntaner. The client approached us asking for a chic and cool space which would reinforce their brand identity, add value to the food, and draw in customers. They wanted the environment to be warm, fun, personal, and original. PHASE3 responded to the client brief interpreting the graphic logo, reminiscent of the city’s urban grid, and used it to help form a strong identity which related directly to the branding. Applying contemporary construction techniques to simple materials allowed us to develop a strong design for both the space and identity in close collaboration with the client.


PHASE3 crafted plywood into a rich, precise wall pattern inlaid with ceramics, LED lights and metallic finishes. The practice used digital fabrication techniques to transform simple materials cost effectively in order to achieve a high level finish. Covering nearly the entire space, the wall covering opens up opportunities to incorporate menus, imagery and product information within the grid by adjusting its scale to a variety of different functions.

“We really enjoyed to opportunity to work with PHASE3, they were professional, have great taste, and were a pleasure to work with.”

The same material as the wall cladding was used to create a series of bespoke furniture pieces designed by PHASE3. Chairs, tables and the bench all follow the same design approach and simple construction technique. Appearing like folded origami, the objects are designed and detailed to produce a minimum of excess material and allow for a simplicity in the construction process. The fitted cushions subtly drop hints of vibrant colour throughout the space, accentuating the bar’s identity.

The close collaboration between PHASE3 and Juice Rodríguez & Co resulted in a strong integration of image, concept and space. The combination of laser cut wall panels and custom-made objects form a casual and communal atmosphere from the interior to the take-away street bar, reinforcing Juice Rodriguez as a playful and elegant space.



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