Putney Wharf


Putney Wharf
London – UK

Client: Private
Program: Retail – Residential
Size: 1370 m²
Year: Design in Progress


Situated adjacent to the church square the building site sits in a prominent position for the definition of the square’s appearance where the opposite church has to remain the focus. The proposed development will replace an existing introverted three storey office building.

Vertically the scheme is divided into three different elements with differing characteristics. The ground floor is composed of a simple glass box geometry with solid highlights, spilling out onto the public square. Through an open and inviting appearance with an operable façade it creates a continuous public space. Above this base sits a simple square grid geometry, stepped back from the ground floor outline to create a higher level of privacy for the occupants and to step away from the church. By relocating the residential main entrance and lobby to the rear of the building the building’s rear and former neglected back alley gets re-activated.

The new massing emphasises the smaller human scale of St Mary’s church square. The height of the proposed building does not exceed St Mary’s clock tower while the main mass of the residential apartments is stepped back from the square. The design intention has been to create façades that are simple and legible in appearance in order to compliment the church and to complete the composition of the square while at the same time bringing something new to the neighbourhood.



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