Silvertown Flyover


Silvertown Flyover
London – UK

Client: GLA / Borough of Newham
Program: Workspace/ Masterplan
Size: 8000 m²
Year: Competition Entry 2017

The London Festival of Architecture, Greater London Authority and London Borough of Newham launched a competition with the aim to improve connectivity and increase the amount of creative workspace in the Royal Docks by utilising vacant space under the Silvertown flyover. Our competition entry proposed a hybrid between workspace and public space with the potential to lead to unexpected usage scenarios and dialogue between residents, creatives and the general public.

The Silvertown Flyover project defines an approach to affordable creative workspace using simple spatial moves to create new areas for innovation and exploration. Breaking away from the make-shift and ready-made, we proposed a strategy that uses modest, well-designed interventions to create a space that triggers creativity and attracts new communities to the area.

We proposed a dynamic approach to the project that phases its development according to the current demand for workspace while also encouraging connectivity and generating activity from the very start. The base is a minimal intervention that brings colour to the underbelly of the flyover and transforms it into an extension of the Marina public space. Character modules which clients can choose from to delineate space, set up a multitude of different scenarios between programme and user. Colour and pattern act as content generators by defining zones within the project itself and by creating a strong visual identity for the project and surrounding area. Subsequently it could attract office tenants based on their spatial qualities. As residents move in, they choose zones on subjective grounds, breaking away from programmatic clusters and exploring cross-pollination between different activities.

Our project aimed to develop a project that has the potential to create a long-lasting legacy for Silvertown through the development of a creative cluster, as well as the design of a strong visual identity for the wider area.

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