The Life Above – Hospitality and Luxury



Client: Private
Program: Luxury Residential & Entertainment
Year: May 2014


PHASE3 were asked to develop a series of designs for key elements in the master plan. The designs aim to capture the spirit and mood of the place while targeting a luxury clientele from around the globe. The project sits above the cliffs of the Mediterranean with stunning views to the west. It is a mixed use luxury development which includes hotels, villas, restaurants, retail, and entertainment. The development aims to introduce a new standard of living within the Mediterranean.

The spa and boutique hotel sit at the heart of the development and reflect a casual elegance where one can relax and enjoy views of the Mediterranean after a day of golfing or sightseeing. A series of luxury villas were designed as a home away from home with views over the golf course and sea. The materials, forms, and layouts are focused towards and environment of relaxation.

Working with the client, PHASE3 aimed to create an iconic symbol for luxury, culture, recreation and relaxation with a clear identity throughout the different elements from the entrance gate over the cultural centre and restaurants to the hotels and villas.



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