Wester Ross Visitor Hub


Wester Ross Visitor Hub
Highland – Scotland

Client: Highland Council
Program: Public Space / Tourism
Size: 70 m²
Year: Competition Entry 2016

The competition was launched to celebrate 2016 Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design. The aim was to improve the sense of place and visitor orientation on arrival in Wester Ross and to promote local attractions and amenities. Inspired by traditional Scottish shelters for animals and travellers our design targets a simple approach while, at the same time, aiming to create a public image for the Local Countryside. The pavilions allow travellers as well as the local hikers to experience the landscape through minimal, non-intrusive architectural interventions.

The aim is to not only create functional shelters, but inviting extensions of the landscape. These shelters create a sense of home as well as they take on the role of informing and even educating tourists and the local community. The simple form with basic shapes is a compromise between creating landmarks which can be seen and recognised from far away as a place where travellers can rest and hikers can find shelter and being embedded into the rough and unique Scottish landscape.

The cost-effective use of durable materials makes the shelters resistant to the harsh Scottish climate and makes them last for generations with little maintenance work. The main structure of the pavilions consists of a system of precast concrete. Using a minimum amount of modular precast concrete elements allows for high flexibility in design and a wide range of modifications and surface treatment with little extra cost but large visual effect. Inlay works of timber pieces cast into concrete and etching techniques are supported by using the advantages of cost-effective construction methods to create functional shelters at the same time as memorable architecture.

Our Collaborators:

engineeria helped us to optimise the structural concept for the precast elements.

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