Working With Us


We take a holistic approach to delivering high quality design and avant garde buildings.

Working With Us
We believe in building long lasting relationships which are the basis for delivering well-crafted buildings. Our proposals are based on analysing and thoughtfully addressing our clients’ needs to deliver meaningful projects. Our aim is to create forward-looking buildings that continue to remain a long-term asset, increasing in value for future years.
An open and honest dialogue with clients, expert consultants, and local authorities throughout the design process and all stages of the project is key. By listening and fostering these threads of input, we can design buildings which are inclusive, meet clients’ needs, and become dynamic additions to the context while being robust and progressive.
A Global Network
We are experienced working internationally and in multiple sectors, from residential projects to large scale master plans, from conceptual design to contract administration. Our team has an established global presence which is able to utilise a large network of consultants. Current projects include schemes in Greater London, Croatia, Thailand and the Middle East.
Education And Research
Combining work in practice with teaching and research at a leading academic institution, The Architectural Association, enables PHASE3 to keep up with the latest technologies and progress in architectural design. Tyen Masten has been involved with this prestigious institution since 2006, where he guides students and research into contemporary global culture and its implications on architecture and design.
Staying Up-To-Date
Maintaining knowledge of current developments in the design industry allows us to deliver a wide range of projects. We believe that the role of the architect has dramatically changed over the last 15 years as buildings have become more complex and are delivered with more organisational effort and coordination. Our team is equipped with the latest know-how and technologies to meet the demands of today’s building industry.

“We had the aspiration of collaborating with an architect with wider experience […] We knew that the project would be well organised, well executed and revolutionary.”

– Juice Rodríguez & Co


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